Why Labours Chowk

Labours Chowk is an effort to provide value earning through quality work to the most marginalized working community of India the day labourers, while providing definite value-adds to the customers.
Everyday millions of unorganized service categories such as painters, carpenters, masons and plumbers squat on the busy crossroads of almost every big city in India, waiting! Waiting for work. Squabbling for each customer.

Labourschowk.com is an initiative to offer them a platform that Improves accessibility to customers and vice-versa,
Enhances their employability
Increases their employed man-hours
Mitigate their risks
Value Added skill program / Training
We Power Labours Success By, Leveraging our Country reach and local expertise.

Labours chowk combines an unmatched National perspective with detailed insight into local markets across all major industry sectors. So whether your needs are local or country, we can help you find the labour force solution you need, Country Operations Connecting our deep knowledge of human potential to the ambitions of business.

More than 67 years of India’s Independence the Labours Power has given us a deep understanding of the potential of people and expertise in unleashing that potential to drive businesses forward. When we apply that expertise to your specific business opportunities, success happens. Thought Leadership

Building collaborative partnerships

When our Associates / Partners succeed, we succeed, and we believe strong partnerships are critical to make this happen. We develop a keen understanding of your business, your specific goals and your talent-related needs. We design customized solutions and deliver the talent you need to win Client Successes

Providing a suite of Innovative Labours Chowk Solutions.

Labours Chowk delivers the expertise and Skilled , Semi Skilled & Non Skilled Labours as per  capabilities that customers needs. Together our comprehensive family of brands and offerings address the complex workforce challenges organizations face today, from contingent and permanent staffing to outsourcing to strategic consulting. We deliver the solutions that drive your business forward

No one understands the world of work better than Labours Chowk. We have been helping our customers win by providing the potential skilled Labour force. Our talent expertise makes us the India’s leader in delivering Innovative Labours Chowk Solutions.
Labours Chowk partners with clients to develop their business by providing the people and services that raise the quality, productivity and efficiency of their total workforce. Our solutions focus on:

Labour Information as per category

Skill Assessment

Training and development

Career Management


Workforce Consulting.